What is a successful referral?

Though there may be many customers sharing their referral link with friends, a referral is only considered successful, or "completed" if it meets  these requirements:

  1. The referred friend completes a purchase for the minimum spend amount (price after discount).
  2. Must be the referred friend's first purchase.
  3. The user agent & IP address that clicks on the referral link must match the user agent & IP address that completes the purchase.

Things that may cause a referral to fail:

  1. If the customer clicked on the referral link, but then made the purchase on a different IP address or user agent, the referring customer would not get the kickback.
  2. If the minimum spent amount was reached, but part of the sum was paid for using a coupon, this will not be counted as a completed referral. The minimum amount must be paid for with actual money and by using redemption options.
  3. The referral will only be completed if the minimum amount is spent in the first purchase made via the referral link. The amount cannot span across several purchases.

Customer Journey

  1. The referring customer sends their unique link to friends
  2. The friend clicks on a referral link and makes a purchase
  3. The referring customer checks their program status
  4. The referring customer redeems existing credits